3 Reasons To Change Your Switch To LED Lighting

May 12, 2018

If you had your outdoor lighting system installed years ago, you probably still have the original halogen bulbs that came with it. Since then, LED lights have been introduced and are very popular — actually preferred — by many homeowners. The future of lighting for the home is all about LED. LEDs use significantly less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs. Read on to find out why, and call us when you decide to upgrade your bulbs.


1. Save Money


LED bulbs save you money- a lot of it. LED technology both uses less energy and has a longer lifespan than the alternatives, meaning it has to be replaced less often. When LED replacement bulbs first came on the market, they cost as much as $30 per bulb; however, tech improvements and widespread availability has dramatically decreased costs, with today’s average bulb costing $8! Replacing a 30 watt halogen bulb with a 5 watt LED bulb can add up to 80% savings in electric usage. Just one bulb!


2. Significantly More Durable


LED bulbs are safer for so many reasons, one being the strength of the materials used to make them. For example, the use of fragile glass in old fashioned bulbs has been replaced by tough plastics in LEDs. This is possible since LEDs produce so much less heat, among other reasons. LEDs have very long life expectancy that can be for over 100,000 hours on average without showing their age (that’s over eleven years at full brightness). This lifespan is twice that of typical fluorescent bulbs and twenty times longer than incandescent light bulbs.

3. More Colorful and More Options To Choose


LEDs are available in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes. Traditional lighting methods require many color filters to give off a certain hue. LED lights can emit the vast array of colors without the use of these filters, resulting in increased efficiency and lower production costs. They also provide a truer, brighter color than a filtered bulb. LED bulbs and fixtures are also ideal for outdoor applications, reducing maintenance and providing energy savings for extended nighttime usage.



As one of the most energy-efficient light bulbs on the market, LED lights are better for the environment because they reduce your carbon footprint and do not leach poisonous mercury into our water systems. LED light bulbs are the way of the future. These bulbs are proven to save you money in the long run by saving energy, performing better, and lasting longer.


If you haven’t already made the switch, what are you waiting for? From LED bulbs to embracing several ways to make your property more energy efficient, Pro Handyman's professionals are here to help. Call us today at 443-952-1397 or visit us here to make your free estimate appointment today!

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