Easy Ways To Clean Grout From Shower Tiles

September 22, 2018


Whether you've got tile floors, kitchen backsplashes or shower tiles, the grout between tiles can get pretty grimy, and it can be tough to know exactly how to clean grout. However, with the right cleaning solution and a bit of elbow grease, you can get any of your grouts looking fresh and brand new right away.


Use vinegar to clean tile grout


If your tile looks too dirty and the good old scrub doesn’t help the situation, go ahead and test the magic of vinegar on it. A mixture of one part vinegar and one part water should be able to remove moderate stains and get rid of heavier dirt/grease if you transfer it to the spray bottle, apply the mixture onto the tile seams, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and scrub the grout with a brush.


Use Warm water and a brush


The first and the most obvious tile grout cleaning technique should be applied on a regular basis, as it deals with moderately dirty grout and mold stains that haven’t manage to set deeply in the seams yet. So, grab a small bucket of warm water, a stiff bristled brush and give your tile grout a good scrub. Feel free to add a few drops of dish soap to water to make this method a bit more effective and get rid of the shower tile grease.


A daily wiping-and-spraying routine after your bath or shower is essential to keep your tiles clean and prevent premature staining and damage. Sure, it might seem a little annoying, but it'll save you tons of work in the long run.

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