New 2019 Year Home To Do List in Baltimore

February 6, 2019

Welcome to 2019!


Even though we are writing this blog 35 days into 2019, we still wanted to provide you with some to do list that you should take care of for your lovely home in Baltimore. 


Let's get started!

1. Indoor Cleaning


While you are mostly stuck inside during winter in the crazy weather of Baltimore, why not take the opportunity to take your whole family on the ride to do a full general cleaning. In most of people's homes, grease will pile on top on kitchen counter top cabinets, bathroom cabinets, around door handles and etc. Not to put stress or extra work on everyone's head, you can divide the cleaning tasks and do it week by week. Also, unless you have extra nice family you might want to write down everyone's simple tasks so they don't have to blame each other on cleaning that is left out. 

2. Prepare To Change Your Closet


Since it is beginning of February, you might want to start putting away your big and bulky winter jackets back into your storage room. This could be a perfect time to organize your closets and start hanging clothes for spring. Before fully putting back all of your clothes, take a look at your closet. What do you see? Are you taking full advantage of the closet space? Do you think you can add more racks or shelves to organize and make more space? Probably yes. This could be a handy job if you don't have much experience. But, of course, nothing to worry about, when we are 1 call away from doing that for you based on your preferences. Give us a call if you need a hand. 

3. Don't Freeze The Pipes


As they say it is much better to prevent than cure. Prevent exposed pipes from freezing as temperatures drop. A frozen pipe can crack or burst, and flood causing extra unwanted financial problems to fix. If you’re planning a winter vacation, don’t forget to wrap pipes with heat tape, that you can purchase in your local Home Depot, you can control with a thermostat. And if you haven’t turned off water to outdoor spigots yet, consider yourself lucky—if they haven’t yet burst, shut off water valves and open spigots to drain existing water before creating extra trouble. 

4. Any Strong Winds or Storms?


After strong winter winds or storms, your home maintenance routine should include and inspection of your home’s roof, siding, gutters, and yard for wind, snow, or ice damage. If you have trouble checking your roof or gutter up high, instead of climbing on the roof to look for missing shingles, use binoculars to search for damage or any critical effects. If it seems like there might be any damages, do not hesitate to let us know and we can come by to take a look it further to analyze the issue. 




Hope you enjoyed our little winter home to do list for your home in Baltimore. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know at 443-952-1397. We are always here to provide you our passion!

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