Which Entry Doors Are Best For Your House?

February 13, 2019

When guests visit your home, one of the first things they notice is your entry door. The entry door is designed to look glamorous, appealing and of course protective from outside world. When it comes to choosing the right entry door, a lot of homeowners have tough time deciding which type of entry door best suites their preference.  


The truth is you can't just pick an entry door based on it's look and beauty but also consider the toughness and durability for mother nature. Depending on where you live, it might be always hot or it might be always cold. You would have to consider those factors when deciding your entry door style and type. 


1. Aluminum Doors


Aluminum doors, like steel units, use an insulation core covered by a metal skin. Unlike other door systems, however, aluminum versions are sold exclusively through dealers. Each is custom-built to your opening.Manufacturers offer all types of options. The doors in the Armaclad line from Hess Manufacturing, for example, come in dozens of styles and colors, with smooth or wood-grain finishes.


Aluminum doors have a baked-on enamel finish, so they never need painting and won't rust — which explains the 20-year warranties that are common. You can also match the color and style of your door with an aluminum storm door. All these benefits don't come cheap, however. At prices that start at about $600, aluminum doors are the most expensive choice after solid wood.


2. Wood Doors




Wooden doors give your entry a quality, high-end look. Scratches are easy to repair, the doors are secure and additions and alterations such as a new wood stain can be simply done. These doors are often the most visually appealing. Wood can be carved and stained into any design or pattern that your heart desires for a truly customized and original statement on the front of your home


But, they are some disadvantages, wood doors are more expensive, absorb moisture that can cause peeling, bubbling and warping over time, and require a moderate amount of maintenance. The high-end look and feel that they give entryways unfortunately comes at the expense of energy efficiency. But if you hire a professional door installers like Pro Handyman, the energy loss that comes with wood doors can be minimized.


3. FiberGlass Doors


Fiberglass door is going to be your smartest choice as far as energy efficiency goes and also more durable than wood doors. Fiberglass doors can also provide a similar look and stain to a wooden door, and they’re resistant to scratches and dents. The flexibility of staining your own entry door gives you infinite freedom when it comes to the overall design of your home. Many fiberglass doors mimic the look of classic wood designs that homeowners find appealing. When installed correctly, a fiberglass door can help save you money on your energy bills and be an excellent artistic statement in your entryway.


Sometimes, the fiberglass doors are cheaply manufactured, those doors can crack, have shorter life spans than other materials and require the most maintenance. These problems can be averted by purchasing a better-made fiberglass door.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. Whether you decide to go with wood, fiberglass, aluminum or any other different types of entry doors, they will all have pros and cons. But, one common factor they all have is installing them correctly. We are always on the stand if you ever need help. We guarantee the best handyman services in Baltimore areas. You can check out our website and see it for yourself. Give us a call at 443-952-1397 to schedule your free estimate appointment within today. 


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