What Type of Materials Should I Use For My New Deck in Baltimore?

April 24, 2018

There are many different types of materials that you can choose for your new deck such as pressure-treated wood, redwood, cedar, and composite depending on the size and budget of your deck. Additional considerations should include deck maintenance like repairing and cleaning. Before making any decisions, balance out your needs and wants from your future deck. Is it just an extra space that you want to create? Is it cosmetic addition to your house to make it look better? Based on your values one type of material can benefit you more than other. Explore the pros and cons of each decking materials and contact Pro Handyman LLC today for safe, reliable and professional help with all your decking needs in Baltimore.

Pros and Cons of Pressure-Treated Wood Decking:


Pressure-treated wood is probably the most popular and most used wood for decks now days. One of the reasons is that it's the best economical choice. It’s stainable, hard enough to resist abuse and it's durable enough to carry furniture, grill and whatever else that you plan to keep on your deck. Also, many brands carry a lifetime (though limited) warranty on pressure-treated woods. Even though there are several advantages to this type of wood, there are a few potential drawbacks to know about as well. For one thing, this type of wood has toxic materials in it. This means that if you are ever exposed to them directly, they could be hazardous to your health. If your deck made of this type of wood ever catches on fire, you are going to have to worry about the fire and the chemicals that are released from it.

Pros and Cons of Cedar and Rewdwood Decking:


Cedar and redwood can make a beautiful deck and is ideal for homeowners going for that natural look. It is much less prone to warping than pressure treated wood and it is also resistant to rot and moisture in general. But, of course there are cons for this beautiful wood as well. You would need to clean and reseal your cedar deck every 1-2 years if you want to maintain its beauty and rich color. You may also need to be careful with the furniture you use on your cedar deck, because cedar is a fairly soft type of wood. Its life span is can be less than 15-20 years if it's not maintained properly. The cedar wood also costs more than pressure-treated wood, even if the labor costs is about the same for both.

Pro and Cons of Composite Decking:


Composite decking is catching up to pressure-treated wood in popularity. More and more owners are getting composite decking for several reasons. Composite Decking does not require as much maintenance as any other decking materials. It only needs some water to get it clean. Composite deck is made out of recycled wood waste so no new trees must be felled. Composite decks also last longer than wood decks and thus stay out of the landfill longer. But, composite decking costs about 50% more than pressure-treated decking and somewhat more than cedar or redwood. Composite decking is available in a variety of grades and the cost depends on such factors as the materials used to make the decking and such extras as UV protection and scratch resistance.


Creating an extra space for your family to enjoy every moments of your life is very important to you and to our deck specialists based Baltimore. You can never go wrong with Pro Handyman's Baltimore deck experts as we offer you the best quality deck repairs, new deck installations, railing installations, deck replacement and etc. No matter the specification of the deck service, we guarantee to give you the 100% satisfaction and finishing the job on time and efficiently. Get your outdoor happiness and a free estimate for your deck service in Baltimore today with a simple call to us at 443-952-1397!

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